Corporate Responsibility

corporate-responsibility-300x144Having been responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for a major international corporation, and several large regional companies, we really get how important it is to craft an authentic and effective strategy for this function. Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR requires a mix of research, strategy and creativity to really hit the right balance of authenticity to resonate with employees, customers and community stakeholders. We have experience in developing CSR programs for national and regional corporate clients in a variety of industry sectors.

A winning program has to be grounded in the organization’s culture and values while meeting the expectations of community and customers. And, it needs a little bit of juice to create some interest and energy. Building a strategy to select the right groups for your company’s talent and treasure is a vital part of brand strategy. Let us help you put together the right mix for your CSR plans.

Crisis Communication

Crisis-communication-300x225No matter the nature of the crisis, it is imperative to mitigate the damage to the organizations’ reputations and to those stakeholders who are affected by the crisis — while doing the right thing to respond to the issues created. We’ve been the lead responder in nearly every type of crisis communications plan and response imaginable in our 30-year-plus history. Our experience includes situations caused by careless employees (largest chemical spill in Florida’s history); employee criminal actions (rape of a patient); customer revolt (threatened and averted boycotts of products); legal, media and congressional investigations (too many to list); and nature’s fury (hurricanes and earthquakes).

We know what it’s like to work round-the-clock to investigate, build strategy, and effectively manage the largest of surprises. We’re so good at what we do in a crisis that our efforts have resulted in several situations with no lawsuits for our clients’ negligence! Even better, our clients have received government, community and media public accolades for the responses we developed. That’s money in the bank to organizations’ precious reputations. And, best yet — let us work with you to create a crisis plan to prepare in advance!


development-300x239Raising money for nonprofits can be challenging. We get it. We’ve been there personally, serving as development staff, CEO, and board member of both large and small nonprofits. We understand the concepts, approaches and processes for annual campaigns, capital campaigns, challenge grants, major gifts, planned giving and more.

We work with nonprofit staff and boards to conduct campaign feasibility studies, community needs assessments and to develop and implement fundraising plans for new capital projects, ongoing annual giving and special programs. From strategy to implementation, we’re right there with you guiding, coaching, training and working to reach the goal with good humor, smart strategy and great results.

Philanthropic Consultation

philanthropy-300x300We work with high net worth individuals and family foundations to establish philanthropic goals and guidelines. We assist clients in developing the processes and timelines to accommodate participation by next generation family members and transition of oversight. Working in concert with attorneys and financial planners, we focus on achieving the families’ missions to achieve the lasting legacy all envision.

Our discrete and direct counsel helps to clear confusion and aid family members in working through delicate topic areas to set and reach target goals. You’ve worked hard to be in a position to be able to leave a substantial legacy. We are adapt at hearing your vision and creating an implementation plan to ensure your legacy reaches its fullest potential.

Public Relations

public-relations-300x199We’re known for developing creative approaches to reaching business results through public relations strategies. We understand how to integrate community and media relations in a cost effective manner that helps our clients navigate touchy situations or celebrate new market introductions. Our experience spans automotive, medical, insurance, finance, retail, utility, construction, real estate, biotechnology, hospitality, nonprofit and many other business sectors.

We’ve won numerous awards on state and regional basis, and as well as the prestigious national award, the Silver Anvil. If you need to effectively position your brand to get your product or organization on the map, then we’re the right match for you. Strategic is how we roll.


human head icons of science and gearsSometimes organizations need to know what a particular stakeholder group is thinking or feeling about your organization, product or project. We’ve provided all phases of research including operations analysis, brand development and refresh, customer satisfaction, employee opinion, campaign feasibility, and community opinion studies, among many others.  We begin by listening to your business objectives and then craft the specific process to gather the right information to meet those needs. We provide great research approaches and proven techniques to better understand stakeholders’ opinions.

We provide facilitation of live and web focus groups, intercept studies, written/web surveys, community briefings and other information gathering processes. When necessary, we work with partners to conduct quantitative phone surveys for broad statistically valid surveys. When you need efficient and effective research, we’re the folks you want to know.


writing-300x300From ghost writing corporate CEO speeches, Wall Street and Investor quarterly presentations, product and sales copy, explaining technical medical procedures in laymen terms — you name it and we’ve written it.

Whether it is corporate or nonprofit strategic plans, business plans, communications plans, or tools like newsletters, brochures or annual reports, we understand how to take the information and craft it to meet your needs. We excel at taking complex concepts and translating them to fit the style and voice for the various audiences you need to reach. Let us do the research and craft your messages.


Establishing the brand pillars and strategy for organizations is a great strength and one we’ve put in motion for international corporations, regional healthcare companies, local entrepreneurs and more.  We are equally experienced in the research and strategy to develop strong brand pillars, graphics and messaging to establish new brands and refresh those who are in need of invigoration to better match their markets.  Marketing follows the brand and we’ve been hands on for large employers and clients, spanning dozens of industries.

From market research and planning to implementation of strategies and tactics our experience in many markets in the US means clients can count on senior strategist who get it, have a short learning curve and who can make it happen effectively and efficiently.  Award winning, impactful and results-focused — our brand and marketing services deliver.



facilitate-300x158Often groups need an objective outsider to help reach consensus and develop plans of action. The more folks involved, the more complicated those sessions can be for companies, nonprofits and even communities to manage. We’ve worked with groups of sizes, from tiny boards of directors to huge community town hall sessions.

We’ve facilitated hundreds of small group planning sessions for corporate and nonprofit clients to advance organizations’ plans. We’re equally as talented in large group facilitation for town hall meetings, developing community strategic plans and other large-scale special projects. We understand how to organize and run effective meetings to provide opportunities for participant input while driving to a successful conclusion. Engaged participants and a defined outcome means everyone walks away satisfied. We make sure there is an effective process and a clear outcome!

Strategic Planning

stategic-planning-300x211We demystify strategic planning by making it simple to understand. We assist our clients by planning the session agendas, gathering participant feedback in order to establish consensus and then facilitating awesome planning sessions. Some clients need us after the sessions, to write focused and effective plans to guide nonprofit and corporate clients to the next level of success. Some just need us to give them a how-to-guide to navigate the follow-through and plan writing.

We’ve worked with hundreds of groups to articulate a vision for the future and build concrete plans to achieve those. Our clients say our approach stands out from others because it is really focused and efficient, yet provides a safe process for all voices (even those quiet folks) to be heard. Our process for giving assignments and providing a follow-up strategy is simple, yet powerful for putting plans into action.

Better processes yield stronger results. And, results are really what matters – not a plan that sits on the shelf until three years later.

Team Building

team-building-300x211Every organization needs a great team to succeed. We use a mix of science and fun to knock down barriers, help participants learn about themselves and others, build stronger communication and trust. Our clients have a great time and use the process to reach their goals more effectively. We’ve crafted multi-day sessions for 150 participants to jump start massive new projects. We’ve helped small leadership teams gel and advance. Our creative approach really gets people’s attention, engagement and commitment.

We use Psycho-Geometrics™ leadership styles, DiSC(R) assessments, the tenants of Servant Leadership and the science of the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ to speed the learning and connection building among participants. Stronger teams mean stronger business outcomes.

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training-300x207Need a training session or series for your employees, board or customers? We’re delighted to build a custom program for you around board governance, servant leadership planning, public relations, marketing, sales, teamwork, personality assessment and more. Our participant feedback is always excellent, in terms of the learning outcomes and the joy people have in participating with us!

Want a series for your community? We’ve developed a leadership and governance series of trainings for nonprofit resource centers, community foundations and United Way organizations as a turn-key to offer to your local nonprofit community. Designed to enhance the engagement and skills of nonprofit board members and CEOs, this series gets rave reviews each time it is offered.

Understanding people is the key to getting smarter teamwork and greater results for all types of organizations. We hold credentials as a licensed Psycho-Geomterics™ consultant and trainer, an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner with the additional credential of Everything DiSC® Certified Trainer. We’ve conducted leadership style assessments and training to staff and supervisors of international corporations, national healthcare systems, board and staff members nonprofits, and large community groups. Understanding your own style and that of those with whom you interact creates better efficiency and organizational effectiveness.


Consistently rated with high reviews, Debbie Mason is a frequent speaker for keynote and breakout sessions that are smart, focused and entertaining.  Whether speaking to business or nonprofit professionals at a large conference, or working with a private group, Debbie always gives attendees new, practical information in an inspiring and engaging manner.

Custom presentations are available and a list of popular topics cover best practices in Branding, Marketing, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Building Cultures That Perform, Governance and Change.  Based on significant research, more than three decades of experience with international, national and local organizations spanning dozens of industries, Debbie delivers a memorable learning experience.