cool-commitmentSimply said, two things. One — we deliver — and over deliver — on what we promise. Two — we follow through on the commitments we make to clients.

It is the expertise we have combined with the servant leadership approach in which we serve clients, that really sets us apart. We become a valued member of our clients’ teams.

Clients trust us. They listen to us. They know we deliver the truth – we call out the “elephant in the room” and really figure out the underlying reasons for it. THEN, we build solutions that use the best of the teams’ individual and collective talents. Together, we create realistic solutions that match the clients’ budgets.

AND, as final touch – we make sure we plug in metrics for accountability because good ideas without accountability are like peanut butter without the chocolate. Good, but not good enough to be fabulous. Of course, we really like being good, but we LOVE being FABULOUS.

Voila! The recipe for our coolness is…

Knowledge + Experience + Servant Leadership + Ideation x Client Trust

= FABULOUS Success

cool-successThat might be the reason our clients, and the folks that attend our training sessions say we’re among the best they’ve ever experienced. Reaching fabulosity fills our hearts with joy!

Our president and CEO is recognized as a national leader through our former and current leadership in the public relations, marketing and development profession in several industry sectors, including healthcare, corporate, automotive, nonprofit leadership roles and in consulting.  Volunteer service also is an important part of our president’s life of service. Some of the national volunteer positions include: Former member Board of Directors of the Public Relations Society of America.  Former member and Board President of the Public Relations Society of America Foundation.  Former member and Board Chair of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, Department of Public Relations Advisory Board.  She’s a recognized consultant for the United Way Worldwide network and has been involved on a national level in a number of task force efforts for GuideStar, the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and many others.  She’s been an instructor and speaker at a number of national conferences, written articles for professional journals, etc. in service to the profession. Contact us to see how Debbie’s experience can assist your organization in creating change to reach your goals.