BrandGapThe Brand Gap
by Marty Neumeier

“When people’s experiences match their expectations their loyalty increases.” And, there you have the basis of building a superior brand.  This is one of my favorite books to recommend to clients and professionals who know little to nothing about branding.  It is a concise and essential read to understand how EVERYTHING you do affects your brand.

Neumeier, a San Francisco graphic designer by trade with some fabulous A-list clients over the years, does a terrific job of explaining the tenants of what makes a brand, using contemporary brands like Coke and Nike as examples. Even better, he takes the reader through the questioning process used in developing unique brands, such as John Deere and others. His exploration of the buyer’s perspective and how that should factor into the process more is one of the best I’ve ever seen in play.

In easy layman language Neumeier takes readers through the ingredients of creating a brand position, from name, icon, color, graphics, language, etc.  This is an essential read for those in the marketing and communications fields and a great read to share with clients.

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