The Power of Less
by Leo Babauta

If the tasks in your everyday life feel more like a cacophony than a symphony, then this tiny book could be a short and helpful read to pull yourself back together.  The subtitle really says it all for this book, “the fine art of limiting yourself to the essential…in business and in life”.  The forward promises that one can “Do less. Get more done through taking our lives back from the clutter, noise and unnecessary work that fills a modern day.”

Intrigued, I jumped right into the book and enjoyed the author’s own story of where he was before he applied the insights to:

1)   Identify the essential.

2)   Eliminate the rest.

The author shares that using his keys to success helped him change from over-stimulated to living in the moment by focusing on only one major goal at the time.  With six supporting principles and a host of good advice for clearing clutter from your inbox, desk, to-do list and life, the author’s straightforward approach and simple advice was useful.  While nothing in here was particularly new advice, Babauta certainly gave some great real life examples of how applying his own advice worked for him to achieve numerous goals – one goal at a time.

This book was worth the hour it took to read, as it was a great refresher of how focusing, rather than multi-tasking can really make all the difference.

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